Maggie Jean Gray attended Sheridan College from 1999 to 2003 for ceramics. She subsequently completed an apprenticeship at Stillpoint Pottery in Nelson, British Columbia. She returned to Kingston in 2005 and took out a membership with the Kingston Potter's Guild, while renting work space in a professionally owned ceramics studio. In early 2009 she decided to follow her dream, and opened Studio Terra Firma.

Clay is Maggie's medium of choice for the pure sense of physical joy that it brings – the way it moves beneath the fingertips, the way the curve of a finished pot fits into the hands.

Her current body of work is made in high-fire porcelain and stoneware, glazed in neutral palettes. She strives to make vessels that are a balance of the beautiful and the functional: pots that are light and easy in the hand, subtle and elegant to the eye.

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